Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSC?

Digital Signature Certificate

Select certificate window is not showing?

Drivers are not installed. Install the drivers for the Digital Certificate.Go to "website "". click on "Help File JAva". You can different drivers for different digital keys.

How to change the Digital Certificate?

Kindly login to the SRM portal. Click on User Menu-> Register DSC-> reregister-> . here you acn see three buttons "sign", "submit","Initialized". If you dont get initialzed, please check if java is working in your System. Click on Sign, ok, ok, "Allow unsigned application to run", do not block. Insert your DSC token into the system. Select the DSC, enter the password, ok, ok. It takes back to the

which version of java should be there in SRM?

for 32 bit systems :java 1.8.131, for 64 bit systems :both 32 bit and 64 bit javas version 1.8.131

Is it possible to quote without DSC?

No, DSC is made mandatory for quoting.

Is it possible to use one DSC for multiple Logins?

Presently it is not possible, Issue will be Addressed.

Java Environment is not working in your system?

BEL requries java anywhere from 1.7.21 onwards to latest released versions.

Java Environment is out of DATE?

Java in your System is out of date. Please update to the latest version.

What to do when multiple versions of java is available on the system?

Enable the required version of java under Control Panel-> Right click on JAVA icon -> select open -> select java tab -> select view under java application runtime settings -> Enable by clicking on the checkbox.

Submit button is not displayed?

Click on the Response number. you will get a new window. click on Edit button. You can see the Submit button.

Submit button is not displayed?

Click on the Response number, Then click on Edit, you can see the Submit Button., Click on the Response number, Then click on Edit, you can see the Submit Button.

Response Status is showing as saved, how to submit?

Click on the corresponding Response number(3000...), new window will appear. Click on "Edit", close the caution, Sign the Response, Finally click on "SUBMIT". Ensure that the bid is submitted.

Unable to login, system says "User Authentication Failed"?

Password is incorrect. Click on 'Get Support' link. Enter the Login ID(Vendor code) and the contact Email-ID (Email id should be the one which is registered in SRM.It is the Email Id in which Bid Invitation/ login details are received from Bharat Electronics). Click on SUBMIT button. System generated password will be sent through email.

What is MSME?

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

What is the link for Registration of MSME?

Go to our Website "". Click on "Payments/Registration" tab. Click on MSME

Where to see Payment Information?payment

Go to "".Click on Payments/Registration tab. Click on Payment Information System. Enter your Userid , Vendor code and Password and login. check your Payments info and explore the website.

What should be done if none of the Tax Codes are listed in SRM is applicable?

Choose "Z026" from the list of values. Enter your payment details in "Payment Terms Other", in RFx Information Tab.

Where to download Drawings?

Click on the Response number(300...). click on Notes and Attachments. Click on the link under Collaboration room. You will get a new window. Click on Folder, documents. You can see the drawings.Click on the link under current version and save the file and open it.